1996 Olympics Opening Ceremony (1996)

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1. The Hunt for Red October (8:48)
2. Free Willy (2:47)
3. It's My Party (3:17)
4. Zoya (1:51)
5. Conan the Barbarian (10:31)
6. Wind (1:45)
7. Robocop (4:14)
8. The Blue Lagoon (2:35)
9. On Deadly Ground (2:18)
10. Flesh and Blood (1:24)
11. Lonesome Dove (5:16)
12. Amerika (3:22)
13. Big Wednesday (7:38)
14. White Fang (2:32)
15. The War at Home (1:45)
16. Amanda (2:34)
17. Farewell to the King (4:59)
18. The Tradition of the Games - 1996 Olympics Opening Ceremony (5:39) 

Released as a Promotional CD

Basil Notes...

This was done with The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra with around ninety pieces. The choir was The Robert Shaw Chorale, I don't think they call it that anymore. During the performance we had 300 voices because The Chorale was augmented by The Morehouse College and some other groups as well. There were a lot of singers. I remember turning around to throw the downbeat when I looked and the entire stadium isle up to the top was full of singers. This was during the actual games, but for the recording there was only The Robert Shaw Chorale with about forty-eight voices. It was a ballet really, the way I approached it is that I worked with the choreographer and director Don Mischer. They definitely wanted some very strong ancient type Grecian thing to represent what the ancient games were like. The idea was wildly exciting to me. My father immigrated from Greece, so I have a particular kind of connection to it. I love mythology and I love ancient history.

Soundtrack Interview
December 1997

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